Into the Souk

As we began our descent into the souk, the morning sun beamed down on us, and the swelter of the city quickly set in. The familiar sounds, smells, and sights of Marrakech awakened our senses, and the thrill of being in this beautiful place energized us. We wove through the labyrinth of shoppes, a true feast for the eyes. Soaking up each moment, we carefully navigated the narrow passages, dodging motorbikes, shoppe keepers and wagons hauling produce, on the hunt for beautiful products for Zarabi Collectif. 

We spent days on end exploring this incredible city, searching for unique relics to add to our collection. Hours were spent alongside the locals, learning the ways of their trade. We were humbled by their graciousness and work ethic. We perused shoppe after shoppe, sifting through hundreds of rugs selecting our treasures for keeping. 

After our mornings in the souk, we found refuge in our favorite restaurants,  indulging in Moroccan dishes and retreating from the sun. Our afternoons were spent further exploring, and finding our way through the bustling haze of motorbikes on the crowded streets. Just before sunset, the main square of Marrakech, Jemaa el-Fna, exuded an energy that cannot be forgotten. The soul-stirring sound of the snake charmer’s music reverberates in our minds, and the vision of the painted sunset over the city is etched in our memories. 

After washing the old city from our skin, we ventured into the new city to dine and indulge in Moroccan opulence. We spent hours pouring over local dishes, specialty cocktails, and incredible interiors. This city holds an unparalleled ambiance, and we are counting the days until our next trip here for Zarabi Collectif. 
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